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If you are considering a divorce, or you or your spouse have already started the process, then you may need the counsel of a family/divorce lawyer. My name is Garth Goodman, and I am a family law and divorce attorney with over 18 years of litigation experience. Please feel free to contact my office at 727-895-5858 for a free initial consultation. As your lawyer, I will personally advise you on your rights and responsibilities.

The primary emphasis of my law practice is Family/Divorce Law, which includes:

Although divorce proceedings are known to be adversarial, you may prefer to use a collaborative approach to resolve your differences with your spouse.

My parents separated one week prior to my ninth birthday. I vividly remember the day I left the only home I had ever known. I believe one of the essential ingredients to effective representation of you, the Client, is an understanding of the emotional impact a divorce may have on you and your family.

As your attorney and advocate, I firmly believe that one of my services is to seek an amicable resolution between you and your spouse. In this regard, I will actively engage your spouse and his or her counsel to find common ground. The Mediation process is usually instrumental in assisting the parties with reaching a settlement. Spouses may not always be able to reach a final agreement, but it should always be the goal.

When you arrive at my office for your initial consultation, you may be anxious or confused about your rights and responsibilities - perhaps as a result of certain misconceptions about the legal process. I will make every effort to inform you about the divorce process and procedural considerations (see also, Legal Process). With knowledge comes power.

My Law Office is located at 125 Fifth Street South, Suite 200B, in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. Click here for an interactive map, or contact my office at 727-895-5858 for a free initial consultation.

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